Friday, July 6, 2012

Today marks a new beginning....

Well we finally have our answer, an answer that we have been seeking for years now.

Our son has Aspergers.

Writing it down is easier than saying it out loud although I think I knew it this whole time. I knew my child was different, I knew that he had "quirks" and I knew that he was emotionally unavailable most of the time. We had been told our son had autism, but we have never received the 100 percent for sure diagnosis. 

Today after hours with the psychiatrist we received the diagnosis that I in my heart,  had been waiting for years to hear. I suppose to many it is crazy to sound relieved, but I am. I left the office and cried, tears of joy, we finally have a answer and working together we will be able to get our family back on track.

Explaining to people why your child is acting out all the time is so difficult especially when you the parent are not sure why they are behaving the way they are. Now I know, now we all know.

Our child is different.

My child is gifted, incredibly intelligent, (in fact he will goes in for his IQ test next month, can't wait to find out!) He is reserved, socially awkward at times, he is not very good at reading others emotions but really these are just things that we will have to work on.

I have guilt in my heart for not pushing the doctors more to get us definite answers, I wish I would have stepped up more and used my voice. I feel as though I let him down for so long. I will never do that again.

So there you have it, the beginning of our incredible journey with our Aspie boy.

I have decided to document everything that we go through, the ups, downs and the in between. I want to be able to reflect on everything that we go through, it may not always be pretty but it will be real. 

With love,

Stephenie and Ben 

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