Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DSM IV Mourning the Loss of Aspergers

Today there is no more Aspergers, no child from here on out will be diagnosed with Aspergers. Instead everything will be included in one diagnosis, Autism Spectrum Disorder. So what does this mean for my Aspie?

Sadly we are not sure. My concern was that his diagnosis of Aspergers will no longer be recognized by doctors or school officials. I have called his psychiatrist and even the Social Security Office (just for the record Jerimiah is not receiving SSDI or SSI but I figured they would have a answer) but have not received a concrete answer. Maybe those collectively working on the DSM IV did not think this particular issue through.

I do not think that I can go through the diagnosis process again, it just might kill me! It is long and tiring and of course expensive even with insurance. I am hopeful that the children and adults that have the Aspergers diagnosis will just be transferred into the new diagnosis.

If Jerimiah is transferred into the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, it may make seeking services easier for us, and more affordable however they are not clear about how this will work with the insurance companies yet.

We do mourn the loss of the Aspergers name, my son is a Aspie, always will be. He knows he has Aspergers and now I feel like it is going to get complicated when I try and explain the changes that have been made and why we will now refer to it to doctors and school officials as ASD.

I really hope they thought all of this through and pray we do not have to go through the diagnosis process all over again.

Please say a prayer for all families that are affected by this change, it may seem insignificant to you, but I promise this affects many families and they could all use your positive thoughts and prayer!


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