Saturday, October 13, 2012

The truth....

I have had so many people asking what happened to make us decide to move back to Washington. The short answer....nothing! There was no life change that made us feel the need to move back. No, Ben nor I did not loose our jobs we are both still very much employed. We did make a promise to ourselves if that after a year we wanted to go home for any reason we would.

I love my job, I will be sad to leave it but we also realized how much we really do belong in Washington. It is our home :) One of the reasons we have decided to leave it that Jerimiah needs more services than what is offered here. We have successfully taken him off all medication (yay!) and have decided that we would rather have increased therapy for him than have him on medication. That is something that we cannot do living in a small town financially or otherwise.

We enjoyed our time here and will continue to enjoy it until we leave for home but, this is not our home, we are Washintonians and proud of it. I have started to apply with the state because the application process is so very long but regardless we will be okay!

 We will miss my sister and brother-in-law very, very much. They are both very near to my heart and I will be very sad to leave them. However we know that we should go home, it is what is in both of our hearts.

Additionally, I miss Target. Yup, I said it. I have no Target except for 45 miles away, and if you know me you know I LOVE Target! ;)

So there you have it, the reasons or lack there of! We are doing well, nothing horrible has happened to us we are just ready to go back home.  


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  1. Target...cracking up!!! I know what you mean!! Thanks for the update, and glad you're moving just because that's what's right for your family. I have a couple ideas for therapy/services if you just so happen to live near pierce county. (A girl can hope, right?!)